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Gap, Wary of Crossing China, Apologizes for T-Shirt’s Map

The retailer, which left Taiwan and other territory off the map, said it “respects China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” It was the latest mea culpa from a firm careful not to anger Beijing.
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‘Orwellian Nonsense’? China Says That’s the Price of Doing Business

After the White House accused China of censorship over airlines’ references to places like Hong Kong, a Chinese spokesman said the U.S. should “respect the national feelings of the Chinese people.”
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Taiwan’s Diplomatic Isolation Increases as Dominican Republic Recognizes China

Just 18 countries and the Vatican now have formal ties with Taiwan, as China works to block international recognition of the self-ruled island it considers its own.
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China Conducts War Games, and Taiwan Is the Target

The live-fire drills in the Taiwan Strait come as China and the United States are at odds over the self-governing island, which Beijing considers its territory.
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Taiwan Amid Terrible Trade Winds

The country could suffer as America and China bluster and blow.
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Asia’s Bastion of Free Speech? Move Aside, Hong Kong, It’s Taiwan Now.

As Beijing tightens its grip, dissidents and rights groups that once flocked to Hong Kong are now choosing Taiwan, which shed martial law for democracy.
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Li Ao, Writer and Political Firebrand in Taiwan, Dies at 82

Known affectionately as the “madman” of Taiwan, Mr. Li vigorously defended freedom of speech and called for reunification with mainland China.
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